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A short documentary about Kamlika's journey and perspective on art.... 

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  • Classical methods of drawing and painting.  
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Life may be temporary but paintings are timeless. Seal your memories forever with the gift of a painting made to order.


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Kamlika Chandla Fine Art

For commissions, gallery-visit, art classes/workshops or other information please email kamlika at

Instagram: KamlikaChandla


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About the Artist



Kamlika began her journey of art as a child however it wasn’t until 2011 when she committed herself full time as a professional artist. Over the years she has trained with the masters of the academic & classical tradition in USA and Italy.   She switched careers from being a successful and effective leadership and organizational development expert for large corporations and research in psychology to doing art full time. She believes that her education, work and life experiences help her become a more insightful, engaged and impactful artist. 

Her early training began at the historic Pallette & Chisel Academy of Art in Chicago where she was acquainted with the works of the old masters and thier techniques. She was able to transition into research and self study understanding the power of the limited palette, master copies, and establishing a studio practice working from life under the northern light. 

In 2013, she apprenticed with Mark Carder in Austin, Texas (renowned portraiture artist who has painted several presidents and other dignitaries) who opened up the window of the world of art for her. He focused on understanding color groups/value range and painting meticulously and thoughtfully using the tiled brushtroke approach. His generous and invalunable methodologies and painting techniques have been a bedrock for her later, more classical and traditional training. 

In 2016, Kamlika found an affinity with the atelier system (classical French academic training)  and the principles of traditional art. The methods and techniques of the old masters filled that void and gap she was experiencing in her understanding and practice of fine art. Eversince, she has been very fortunate to have learned (and continue critique of her work) with the finest masters such as Adrian Gottlieb, Jura Bedic, and Stephen Busman. She has also attended classes and immersive workshops with Sadie Valeri Jeningan, Juliette Aristides, Cornelia Hernes, David Lefell. Her earlier teachers were William Schnieder, Jim Hajicek, Clayton Beck and Stuart Fullerton. 

Now, Kamlika follows her muse without bounds and paints florals, portraits, figurative art, landscapes, and thematic art. She has won several awards and publications in both local and national magazines for her soulful representation of her subject matter. She enjoys teaching classical art in her studio in California and showcases her work across the globe. 

Her non-profit donor wing Musart was established for her commitment to give back to the community and to help many others embark on the courageous and fulfilling journey of creativity. 

She is grateful to her collectors across the globe for giving her the opportunity to create art for thier homes, workspaces and loved ones. Her supporters, patrons, students, followers and friends have made this journey of art meaningful purposeful, and beautiful. 

As she continues this spiritual and creative pursuit she hopes to be counted as one of the finest masters and teachers of art in the books of classical history. Her commitment to changing the social narrative through her work and preserving the classical tradition of art keeps her going. 

Kamlika believes that excellence is an endeavor of continuous learning, discipline and commitment and that no greatness is ever achieved without vision and perseverance.  

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Kamlika's Poetry Book -"The Moments I Paused"


"Moments I Paused" - A deeply intimate and private collection of her poems. Get your copy by contacting Kamlika or ordering on Join her for upcoming read-outs. 

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Become a Collector

Become a collector, and become a part of her journey....

Contact the artist to discuss what you are looking for your home/collection. She only works with museum quality archival materials for her paintings. 



Current & Upcoming Exhibitions


(North  East Minneapolis Art Association)

May 17th, 18th, 19th 2019

Minneapolis, Minnesota . 

Venue: Northrop King Building

Cocktails & Meet up: Saturday at 6PM

Show runs Jan 4th - Apr 3rd 2019. 

Hosted by Vision Realty Group, 

El Dorado Hills-95762, California

Reception April 10th from 5-8pm.

"Beauty in Diversity" Solo Show

San Francisco, CA

Date-TBA (approx Feb-April 2019)

El Dorado Hills Studio Tour

At Kamlika's Studio 

(429, Powers Drive, El Dorado Hills, CA 95762)

June 9th and June 10th 2018 

10 am to 5 pm (Open to the public)

Reception-Invitation only 

EDH Annual Show 

June through August 2018 at

48 Natoma Gallery 


FAA  Annual Show 

January 22nd to March 1st 2018 

Harris Center

Bank of America Gallery

July 14th through September 10th 2017 

**Won the "honorable mention" category/award for the juried annual show. 

-- Sacramento Fine Art Associstion 

"In the Style of The Old Masters" 

4th Juried Annual Exhibition 

August 15th to September 3rd 2017 


Please contact the artist directly for commissions, private instruction or  information regarding current sale/purchase options of exhibited or available work.

Commission Artwork

Please  direct all queries at with the subject line e.g.; "commission" 

Alternately, call at 312 315 0938 /leave a voicemail and Kamlika will get back to you within 24 hours.