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By appointment only. For portrait or other requests for commissions please discuss specifications with the artist. Kamlika likes to understand each clients needs and objectives before she accepts a commission to paint. 

Kamlika Chandla Fine Art

429 Powers Drive, El Dorado Hills, CA 95762, US

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Kamlika (1981) started her journey of art as a young child, however it wasn't until 2011 when she switched careers from the field of psychology and committed herself to fine art full time. She began her academic training in art in Chicago at the prestigious and historical Palette & Chisel Academy of Fine Art where she was acquainted with the methods of the old masters such as Zorn, Van Dyk, Sargent, Sorolla, Velasquez, Vanderpol, and the living legend Richard Schmid. She attended rigorous classes and workshops with living masters at the academy and visiting artists (David Leffel, William Schnieder, Clayton Beck 3rd, Jim Hajicek, Mary Qian, Stuart Fullerton, to name a few). It is after intensive focus on drawing from life (long poses and quick sketches, figurative and objects), studying the magic and power of the limited classical palette, and understanding principles of measurement and construction, Kamlika transitioned to intensive self-study. She dedicated significant time researching the techniques and paintings of the old masters while painting diverse portraits in her own home-studio. Her portraits have been widely appreciated to emanate a soulful representation of a persons true character and inner most emotions. She attributes that to her background in psychology and a deep interest in understanding the plethora of human emotions. 

During this sincere pursuit for her passion to learn from the very best, she apprenticed with the celebrated artist Mark Carder. He shared his seasoned knowledge and in-depth analysis of color groups, focusing on a limited palette. His painting-method stressed on careful construction following a step by step approach, with an emphasis on maintaining the realist abstraction by understanding shapes and values. Kamlika has studied the Carder-Method intensively by painting portraits, landscapes, still-life objects, animals, as well as copying the works of the old masters. She deeply respects and admires his style and owes gratitude for sharing his pearls of wisdom and experience with her, also critiquing her work from time to time. 

In the last few years, Kamlika has furthered her understanding by studying with living masters through intensive workshops and classes in the traditional methods. She continues to refine her practice by studying the classical methods both at the classical atelier set up, and intensive workshops around the country. She follows her muse without bounds and attempts to delicately study her subjects prior to the painting process. 

Kamlika also enjoys writing, singing professionally, metaphysics, astronomy, besides teaching art and continuing to work on her painting abilities. It is her pursuit and passion to become a master painter and continuously paint meaningful pieces for her clients, collectors, family and friends. Some of her favorite artists are John Singer Sargent, William Bougeraeu, Repin, Andrew Wyeth and Velasquez. Among the living legends she finds an affinity of her style/taste and deep inspiration in the works of Adrian Gottlieb. It's been her great privilege and honor to learn from him directly and seek mentorship and tutelage under him. Kamlika  is looking forward to painting at the Florence Academy of Art in Italy, later this year, and furthering her study in the classical methods through repeated intensives and workshops with master painters and celebrated artists/writer Juliette Aristides, Justin Hess, Sadie Valerie and Adrian Gottlieb. Kamlika dedicates her time painting and teaching at her studio in El Dorado Hills, California. She is sought out especially for her evocative portrait commissions and vibrant floral paintings. She is passionately working towards her deep desire to assist underprivileged children in organizations across the world. She wishes for them to experience the joy of engaging in the creative process of music and art even if she cannot eradicate their pain or status of being an orphan, a victim of abuse, or for their current ailment. Her non-profit organization "Musart" provides art supplies, and avenues for creating and auctioning art made by these children. A significant percentage of all proceeds/sales of her own works (paintings and teaching) also go towards building and improving her non profit organization -Musart. 

Kamlika's Poetry Book -"The Moments I Paused"

"Moments I Paused" - A deeply intimate and private collection of her poems. Get your copy by contacting Kamlika or ordering on Amazon.com. Join her for upcoming read-outs. 

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Harris Center

Bank of America Gallery

July 14th through September 10th 2017 

**Won the "honorable mention" category/award for the juried annual show. 


Please contact the artist directly for commissions, private instruction or  information regarding current sale/purchase options of exhibited or available work.

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Please  direct all queries at

kamlikachandla@gmail.com with the subject line e.g.; "commission" 

Alternately, call at 312 315 0938 /leave a voicemail and Kamlika will get back to you within 24 hours.