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MUSART is an evolving non-profit that celebrates the creative spirit and provides a platform for children and young adults to tap into their abilities.‘Mus’ stands for music and ‘art’ for art in MUSART, however it incorporates other facets of creativity like writing and self expression. My younger brother, a prodigious musician & music producer helps me run this in spite of the geographical borders.

Over the years, during my travels I have noticed a painful and desperate need among communities across the world to respect and embrace art in their everyday life. Creativity and self-expression not only offer therapeutic benefits but are truly uplifting and liberating. These are ‘cheap’ tools in my opinion that should be permitted among all. The attitude towards creativity in general as a foreign or an unnecessary/extra-curricular activity troubles me deeply. I feel that

everyone, especially those who are suffering and dealing with the pressures of everyday life, hardships, abuse, should have both access and outlet. (Of course it breaks my heart to see the current generation/people all around bury themselves in drugs and hide behind cell phones and social media and stare at screens and enjoy violent video games, instead of finding a creative outlet...)

My pursuit is to partner with schools and organizations around the world to help children have this forum to explore, especially those who have lost hope due to abuse/pain/trauma. (I think this is also my way of staying in touch with the field of psychology and giving back to the community/people who are often lost or hopeless). Creative engagement is not only therapeutic but truly liberating. I would like to provide tools and resources in the form of scholarships and supplies/ tools to those in need to embark on this journey. As a pilot project, I have been partnering with some schools in India by proctoring creative writing competitions, with a small monetary incentive for the winners. I have been very touched by the participants content in these heart wrenching essays. It has given me a window into their souls and often their unquenched dreams.... This has only magnified my intent and my mission to reach out to many more schools and institutions in the near future and to raise funds through the sales of my own art. Here, in USA I have donated my paintings for several auctions. The response has been heart warming and promising. (My brother in India continues to meet with multitudes of young children and adults and helps them un-tap their talent by providing them with the tools and opportunities to professionally ‘record’ them and feature them in

music videos). He has reported an incredible response as well filled with love and gratitude from these under/less privileged people all across).We aspire to grow MUSART into a well respected support forum world wide slowly but surely with our passion, love, support and a contribution of our proceedings from our art and music compositions.

2% of all earnings from sales of my artwork are contributed to MUSART.

YOU can join this noble cause by purchasing artwork or contributing directly to MUSART.

Alternatively, you can purchase discounted artwork from my “Art for Auctions” collection.

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