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Kamlika Chandla Fine Art StuDIO


Artist Bio

Kamlika (1981) is a realist painter, trained in the classical tradition. Her pursuit or passion has not just been to capture and paint beauty but to also evoke interest and contemplation regarding the varied notions of beauty. For Kamlika, beauty lies in diversity, be it in the expanse of subject matter, objects, people, color of the skin, the organic human form or nature itself. She studies and paints her subjects with sincerity, letting her heart and soul take the lead in the creative expression.

She has remained fascinated by the plethora of human emotions and the myriad ways they are manifested in expression and disposition. Her attempt is to make this world a slightly prettier place, one painting at a time, hoping that each piece she creates adds meaning and value for the recipient. Although Kamlika usually paints/draws using the traditional classical techniques of the atelier tradition, she often engages in what she interprets as 'free-spirit' art, following instinct and natural flow instead of any particular technique.

She has ‘successfully’ been able to create both highly realistic and abstract paintings because of this pursuit and ideology. She ensures a special bond with her collectors across the world by carefully engaging with them through the process and completion. She thoroughly enjoys this process of creative exploration and manifestation and feels blessed to be on this joyous and satiating journey. The meditative engagement in the process of the creation of art is as or more important than the final output for Kamlika. She feels that her personal philosophy and sincerity have been the true torch-bearers for her continued learning and growth.

Kamlika has been painting for 3 decades now, however she started her formal training in 2011 at the historical Palette & Chisel Academy of Art, in Chicago, Illinois. After understanding the principles of the classical tradition and master painters such as Zorn, Sorolla, Sargent, and current day legend Richard Schmid, she spent significant time exploring the magic of the limited palette and studying master painters. From there, she apprenticed with Mark Carder in Austin, Texas (who has painted US presidents and other dignitaries). In the last few years Kamlika has personally trained with top artists in USA and Italy (Florence Academy of Art), and continues to follow her muse and spirit in her own studio in California. Over this period of time, Kamlika has engaged in tremendous research and practice, exploring her own ‘natural’ style and inclination. However, the journey of learning with and from the best around the world, has opened up a broad and rich horizon for her. Some of her masters/mentors include Juliette Aristides, Sadie Valerie Jenigan, Adrian Gotlieb, and Jura Bedic, Stephen Bauman and Cornelia Hernes. She is indebted to Mark Carder for being her first true mentor and opening up the world of art and its multitude for her. She considers her style to be realistic yet exploratory, unhinged by the bounds of tradition, hence making it unique and personal.

Kamlika is known for her evocative portraits and intricate compositions. She enjoys teaching art, and working on commissions for her collectors across the globe. She has also been a judge and mentor for emerging artists.

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